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Sawan's Institute of English Language (SIEL) is a well known educational institution in the heart of the city. The SIEL was founded in 1992 to teach English language to the students who are sitting for various competitive examinations. The SIEL is dedicated to the welfare and well being of the students. Thousands and thousands of students and others have benefitted from our English language courses designed for various competitive examinations.

The SIEL is one of the best institutes of English language of its type in the state to concentrate on learning of English language. We are professionals in the field of teaching and training with result oriented programme full of practice sessions, allowing the students to take the maximum benefit in minimum time. The SIEL provides very high quality learning material to the students to take home.

We are committed to offering excellent teaching in a pleasant environment at fair prices. Our classes cover all the skills of language: listening, speaking, reading, writing as well as grammar, vocabulary, written comprehension , letter writing, precis writing, idioms and phrases, pronunciation and phonetics- in fact everything that students need! We offer classes from elementary to proficiency in lively atmosphere.

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Books Provided By Sawan's English Institute
Vocabulary Part-I
Rs 250.00
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Vocabulary and Usage 1. Synonyms and Antonyms 2. One Word Substitution 3. Idiom & Phrases 4. Homonyms 5. Paronyms 6. Superfluous Expressions & Slangs 7. Phrasal Verbs 8. Use of Some Verbs with Particular Nouns 9. Irregular Verbs 10. Spellings (Correctly spelt and Wrong spelt)

Spotting Errors/Common Errors Part-II
Rs 250.00
Spotting Errors/Common Errors Part-IIclose

Spotting and Common Errors Practice 1. Noun 2. Pronoun 3. Adjective 4. Articles 5. Verb 6. Adverb 7. Time and Tense 8. Voice 9. Non-Finites 10. Narration 11. Preposition 12. Conjunction 13. Subject Verb Agreement 14. General Common Errors

Comprehension Part-III
Rs 250.00
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Comprehension 1. Voice (Active & Passive) 2. Narration (Direct & Indirect Speech) 3. Fill in the Blanks 4. Sentence Improvement 5. Word and Sentence Arrangement (PQRS) 6. Cloze Test (Numbered Gap) 7. Reading Comprehension (Objective) Descriptive English 8. Letter & Application Writing 9. Precis Writing 10. Essay & Paragraph Writing

English Grammar
Rs 250.00
English Grammarclose

GRAMMAR AND USAGE 1. PARTS OF SPEECH - General Introduction 2. PARTS OF SPEECH - Detailed Description 2(A) THE NOUN 2(B) THE PRONOUN 2(C) THE ADJECTIVE 2(D) THE VERB 2(E) THE ADVERB 2(F) THE PREPOSITION 2(G) THE CONJUNCTION 2(H) THE INTERJECTION 3. DETERMINERS AND ARTICLES General Determiners Specific Determiners 4. TENSES Present Past Future 5. ACTIVE-PASSIVE VOICE Detailed Description 6. MODAL AUXILIARIES Be (Is/Are/Am/Was/Were) Have (Has/Havel Had) Do (Do/Does/Did) Modals (13) 7. NON-FINITES Infinitive (Full-Infinitive and Bare-Infinitive) Gerund (Verbal Noun) Participle (Present, past, perfect participle) 8. SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT(CONCORD) 9. DIRECT-INDIRECT SPEECH Direct Speech Indirect Speech 10. CONDITIONAL SENTENCES Open Condition Rejected Condition Imaginary Condition 11. PHRASAL VERBS 12. COMMON IDIOMS AND PHRASES 13. QUESTION TAG